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Pixelfoto.hu is a stock photography and photo agency site. We offer high resolution royalty-free and rights-managed photos in a safe Pay-Per-Download system. We help you to find the photos of your dreams with a fast and powerful search by millions of keywords.

How can I log in?

First of all, you need to create an account. For creating an account click on 'Registration' in the header. This will put you through to our registration form. When it's completed you can log in with your new account.

How can I change my user profile?

When you are logged in click on the 'Profile' link in the header. There you can see and edit your personal data, contact and bill address. When you finished don't forget to press the Save Data button, to save the changes of your profile.

What is a lightbox?

A lightbox is an area where you can save images to review or purchase later on. Only registered, logged-in users can use a lightbox. You do not need to use lightboxes to purchase. Lightboxes are great for saving images that you are interested in, and are the best way to have images approved by a client or supervisor before you buy.

Adding images to a lightbox

Click add to lightbox beneath the appropriate image(s) on the Search Results or Image Detail pages. If you haven't already logged in, you will be asked to do so. After logging in and selecting which lightbox to enter the image into, you will be able to view all of the images in that chosen lightbox. To check your lightboxes click the 'Lightbox' link in the header.

Changing lightboxes

By selecting a lightbox from the pull down menu at the top of the lightbox window you will automatically be shown the images in that lightbox.

From the Lightbox page you can:

  • view all images stored in a lightbox
  • delete items from a lightbox by clicking "Delete" under the appropriate image(s)
  • select a lightbox to make it your current lightbox
  • create and delete lightboxes
  • e-mail images from the lightbox

You must be registered and logged in to access the lightboxes. If you have not yet logged in, you won't able to see 'Add to lightbox' link under the images. If you haven't set up an account with us, click "Registration" in the header.

You are not limited to the number of lightboxes that you may create. Each lightbox can store as many images as you would like. Pixelfoto does not put a time limit on your lightboxes, and never deletes them.

How can I buy images?

You need to add the selected image to you cart. Click on the chosen image. Now, you are in the Image Detalis page. On the right you can see the available sizes of the image in table. Click 'Add to Cart' link, which is in the last column of the table. Now, the image is in your Cart. Click on the 'Cart' link in the header, and you'll be in your Cart page. There you can see the added images. If you are satisfied with the images, click on the 'Buy' link to buy the images.

How can I pay?

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or by using MoneyBookers (currently Pixelfoto.hu is working only with MoneyBookers).

How can I get the bought images?

You'll be able to download the bought pictures from our server. Select 'Bought pictures' from the header. You can download the bought pictures from there by selecting 'Download'. You'll able to download the bought image for 24 hours. If you couldn't download the bought images because of a server-crash or a power-cut Pixelfoto provides another 24 hours for you to download. In this case You'll have to contact us, attach your payment transaction ID and describe the nature of the problem.

How big are the images?

From 1-2 megabytes up to 100-200 megabytes, depends on the resoultion. All images are in loslessly compressed file formats.

How can I search for images?

Type a keyword or keyword combinations in the search field at the top of your screen and click the Search button. Our advice is to start wide, and narrow your search depending on how many thumbnails appear in your search results. Searches are case insensitive, all searches are „and” searches by default. All searches will automatically find forms of your keywords. You can exclude a keyword by typing "not" or a minus sign (-) before a keyword.

What can I do, if I can't find the image I wanted?

Select 'Request' from the top menu and write a few things about your desired image. You can also attach reference images to show us what kind of picture do you request. When everything is done, press the 'Send' button to send your request to us. Depending on the request, the requested image will be on the in a few days later.

About the color search

You can also search images by a color. Choose the preferred color on the Color Wheel or from the little image next to the big one and click on Color Search. You can combine color search with keywords.

What is this little image next to the big one?

This is a fantastic brand new feature, first apperared on Pixelfoto.hu. On the little images you can see the original image's most common colors in three variations.
The first one is the "Exact". The most preceise color representation is this image
The second one is the "Weighted". It gives you a smooth blend between the "Exact" and the "Averaged" colors.
The third one is the "Averaged". This method gives a new color for each pixel, made from the average of the pixels in that area.
You can pick the color from directly this image to search. This routine is good for those people who would like to see where the searched color on the image is.

What are Royalty Free Images? 

Royalty-Free images are images that can be used multiple times, for almost any usage (refer to each manufacturer's licensing agreement for exact specifications). Royalty-Free image pricing is based only on size (not usage) and there are never additional fees for using the image.
You can't sale Royalty-Free images, You can't give these images for an other person for usage, and You can only use it to achive a goal that doesn't hurt the Pixelfoto.hu's or the photographer's interest.

What are Rights-Managed Images? 

Rights-Managed images are images that must be licensed for a specific use. The fee for these images is calculated from several factors including size, placement, duration, and geographic location. Rights-managed images are licensed for a specific use and cannot be used for any purpose other than what is specified when licensing the image. If you are looking for a unique image, then look to Rights-Managed images. They will often provide a more distinct image than will royalty-free. You can't sale Rights-Managed images, You can't give these images for an other person for usage, and You can only use it to achive a goal that doesn't hurt the Pixelfoto.hu's or the photographer's interest.

What is a model release? 

A model release is a release signed by the person(s) shown in an image. In the release the person depicted in the image gives consent for his or her likeness to be used for commercial purposes - including advertising, publishing, promotion, etc.

What is a property release? 

A property release is a release signed by the owner(s) of the property shown in an image. In the release, the owner gives consent for the image depicting his or her property to be used for commercial purposes - including advertising, publishing, promotion, etc.

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